4k TV’s The Future of Home Entertainment?

4k TV’s The Future of Home Entertainment?

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4k TVs are high resolution next generation HD televisions. They have more than eight million pixels which is four times the number in the current high definition TVs. They are also known in another name as the 4k ultra HD or UHD. The 4k has a 4096 x 2160 resolution as opposed to the 3840 x 2160 resolution of the ultra HD. For this reason most brands opt to drop 4k from their brand name to adopt ultra HD or ultra UHD.

4k ultra HD TVs have a deep, fine detailed and clear on screens images. Consequently, most of them will be big screen TVs ranging from 40” or more. The big screens are used mainly because you will love the clarity of images when you watch on this big screen as opposed to the small screens which may not retain all of its image features. The seating distance should be close enough for best viewing experience. Seating at a distance of about 2 to 3 meters is logically the best sitting distance at your home especially with the 65 inch 4k ultra HD TVs.

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All the TV brands are now on the race to produce this new line of HD TVs among them Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony. The advantage is that each brand is working towards improving the features of the 4k ultra HD TVs. Sony, for instance, is working on creating content for the 4k TVs. This it has made possible with the Sony 4k ultra HD TV that provides access to 4k movies and other content. Sony has also gone ahead to release mastered 4k blue ray discs are still 1080p discs. They also have some more features that allow the Sony ultra HD TVs to give you high quality images with fine details and clarity. Netflix has also introduced more 4k content to the 4k TVs with its streaming app.

LG on the other hand is on the way to bring us 4k TVs that will use the organic light emitting diodes (OLED). In as much as this might come at a high price, what more can we say other than saying that this is technology, let’s embrace it’?

No channels currently available on the 4k TVs although it is good to note that with the current advancements in technology, channels are on the way. Here are some other interesting gadgets.

4k TVs might not have fully attained the title of the Ultra HD TVs but they are slowly taking over from the HD TVs that we know today. The future broadcasting and digital cinema technology will soon be using the up scaling capabilities of the 4K.

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Sharepoint Search X1- Empower Your Business

Sharepoint Search X1- Empower Your Business

SharePoint Search X1; built for the business worker to enable productivity. This is by engaging search procedures to help the human brain find what it’s looking for. In today’s fast pace, high drive industry; workers need a tool to help them efficiently find all the information (emails, office documents, etc) that are necessary for any business minded individual to do their job. The X1 search has been specifically designed to retrieve any and all results you need in the ways that business professionals expect. Usually, business minded people forget specifically named documents or where exactly an email was filed; simply because they have too much information- and they spend hours and hours fruitlessly sifting through inaccurate search programs simply using “relevance” algorithms, instead of taking an approach like SharePoint Search- to simplify searching, and make retrieving results as fast as you can input the information; and no longer will the things you type dictate your time; since SharePoint allows to to find anything anywhere- in an email, a file, or other SharePoint content or metadata- all of which empowers professionals in the workforce to tactically sort all of their information in ways that allow them to act upon the information they receive.

The Best of Both Worlds

This landmark search software even goes beyond the desktop to provide the best possible experience for anyone that interacts with it- enterprising search of any other repository there might be; with SharePoints’ patented Rapid Discovery product that is proven to be the best eDiscovery and enterprising search engine out there; uniquely deploying information in a virtual environment that is most conducive to corporations, law firms, consultants- anyone who needs to find anything within various virtual environments to help you collect data wherever it resides; in the cloud or enterprise, it doesn’t matter with SharePoint advanced search.

Realistically, X1 Search 8 is the only real flexible solution to help bring together any globalized workforce; whether you’re working on your office desktop, or plugging into a virtual desktop from a remote location anywhere; X1 Search products take all the effort and struggle out of finding all of your most important information and critical documents- wherever your or your documents are.



Here are some excellent features that SharePoint offers:

-Expanded Business Productivity

Find the information you need, now; stop wasting time and take matters fast and efficiently, taking action to get the job done quickly on your own time, instead of wasting time searching for important documents

-Federated Search Results

X1 works by unifying search results across all the desktops, network file shares, emails, cloud sourcing, and any other saving methods you might have to transfer information- collecting every file to allow you to preview and act upon received or filed information no matter where it’s located

-Comprehensive Email Search

Takes the frustration out of dealing with simple and inefficient engines provided by email services. Deep Outlook and Symantec Enterprise integrate with your current services and search across all emails, attachments, Outlook Calendars; wherever content is.

-User-Centric Interface

Every single user gets a single, unified interface with fast-as-you-type search that refines over 50+ special columns and qualifications as well as giving you full fidelity on previewing attachments, files, and cataloging post-search actions and retrieving information in the ways a business professional needs to collect information.

-SharePoint Search

Seamlessly integrates the best of SharePoint into your existing workflow with native previews of your document libraries and lists as well as SharePoint’s own specific post-search actions like check-in or out.

-Boolean Search Commands

Never lose documents again with specific search specifications that include Boolean, proximity and keyword searching- driving down time to search to deliver relevant results in record speeds.


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5 Little Gadgets For Enjoying

5 Little Gadgets For Enjoying

We all like gadgets.Starting from small works to big ones they are making our life easier and automated.With their help we can really enjoy our free time sitting back and doing what we like most.Lets have a look at 5 unusual gadgets which ccccan come quite handy:

Luxury coffee maker:If you enjoy coffee than it’s very unlikely to go a day without a coffee maker.Now a days coffee is all about being automatically made and fresh beans that make the taste more tongue touching.


This is a simple coffee maker designed by Sally Rhodes in collaboration with Water Feature Shop.You can install this if you really are a coffee lover.


Outdoor solar lighting:Solar based lighting is always an advantage is is independent of grid power.But the lights you see in the picture are smart.


They have built in sensors which lets them lit up automatically when the sun goes down.You can stick them among plants in your garden and your whole garden could look like glowing.


 Roomba:Cleaning your house with bare hands is always annoying.Even if you use a vacuum cleaner you have to lean down and put your hands in the tight spots.You can get off this by using an automated cleaning robot manufactured by IRobot.It’s called Roomba,


Roomba is fully automated.You just press the button and it starts sucking in all the dust along it’s path.It can avoid objects and move along covering a big area.Ideal for average houses.


Belkin Wemo Switch:What if you could control all your home appliances from your cell phone.The Wemo Switch helps you do that.


What you do is put the Wemo Switch on the sockets of your appliances.It stays connected to your phone through bluetooth.From your phone you can cut the power to any of your appliances you have Wemo Switch in.


Water Fountain for Garden:If gardening is your hobby or you enjoy than there is no doubt that you water your plants regularly.What if you could make your garden look nicer and automate the watering.


This fountain in the picture can work just like a fountain or shoot water to plants like other automatic watering systems.You can chose this over others and make the most of your garden beauty amplify and keep your plants healthy at the same time.

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Cloud The Future of Computing

Cloud The Future of Computing


Cloud computing is one of the most buzzing word in the world of computers.If you are a regular web surfer it’s very likely that you are familiar with the words ‘cloud computing’.So what is the cloud and why is it getting more and more attention from the community?Lets have an in depth look.

Cloud computing is an internet relied computing system where a big number of servers are networked for allowing the centralized data storage and access to their resources.They are classified as private,public or hybrid.

Simply said cloud computing  does all the work like our current servers do now.Difference is now we keep everything stored in one server but in cloud they are distributed among the networked servers.Imagine actual clouds in the sky.They are in different sizes but during rain they all coordinate accordingly to keep the water flow.Meaning they work together when required.

Cloud computing has lots of benefits over the traditional computing.Lets have a look at them:

1.Security:The first most advantageous point of cloud is the security.In the old days if hackers could gain access to our server than we were done for as we had everything in one place(server).


But in cloud all the data are distributed among the networked servers.So if a hacker wants to gain something he has to hack all the servers which could be hundreds or thousands.Which is much more unlikely than before.

2.Uptime:With traditional servers our websites used to be down when the server went down.With cloud it’s not possible anymore.As all the data are distributed only a part of a website can be down.


Like the content which the downed server has in it.All servers can’t go down at the same time ever.

3.Speed and Efficiency:Cloud network is much more faster in processing.All the servers process the relative called data to output to the user.


Instead of one server taking all the pressure which slows down the process this is now much faster as it’s divided among more.


Cloud is being replaced for the old traditional servers and computing system we had.Enterprise and even local business are securing them by converting to cloud.Cloud computing is surely the way of the future.


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Commercial Space Travel No Longer A Dream

Commercial Space Travel No Longer A Dream

From the beginning people always wanted go beyond the unending sky and seek the unknown.They succeeded.Government sponsored space missions started as early as 1950’s.The first man reached space in 1961.But it was only limited to a few selected people.Space was still a dream for ordinary folks.

Now more than 50 years later after the first reaching of space,commercial space travel is beginning to emerge and it’s getting a lot of attention.The leader behind this big venture is a British company named Virgin Galactic.They announced their idea in 2008 and the first test flight commenced in October 2009 which was successful.

The main theology behind their work is reducing the cost of the flight from technical aspect.As we know rockets use expensive fuel to propel itself.Virgin Galactic has found an alternative to it.Jet aircrafts are capable of reaching altitude of 60000 feet to 90000 feet depending on the engine.Now jet planes are much cheaper than rockets to fly although they are much slower than rocket which is good for people like you and me.





Now what Virgin Galactic doing is using a heavy engined aircraft to carry the passenger unit which is a mini rocket itself.


When the plane reaches the ceiling height the passenger rocket will detach and launch from there towards space at supersonic speed.As the distance is very short from that height to space the bumpiness of the ride will be very momentary.

A spaceport near El Paso,New Mexico is being developed for the passengers boarding.Sir Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Galactic believes the initiatives of the company will open the doors for space flight to people all over the world.It’s scheduled for regular flights starting from late 2017 or early 2018.Currently there are bookings available for the first few flights.




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